The problem with Candida

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Under normal conditions, candida fulfills vital roles in our gut, mouth, and, in some cases, reproductive organs. A healthy candida population helps to promote nutrient absorption, protect the intestinal tract from infection and even regulate hormones. But when candida gets out of control, it can quickly turn into a big bad pathogen.

When our immune system is weakened — whether through diet, stress, antibiotics, or all of the above — candida can no longer be held in check and begins to expand outwards. Fueled on by a regular supply of sugar, its favorite food, candida can rapidly grow from a small beneficial outpost to a tidal wave of ill health.

As the candida overgrowth expands, it begins to send its tendrils through the intestinal wall in search of more food. The ends of its roots then release toxic by-products directly into the bloodstream, eliciting an autoimmune response that can manifest in a myriad of ways — from persistent sugar cravings to chronic fatigue. Given time, candida can contribute to chronic mental fog, pain and swelling in the joints, digestive problems, immune suppression, yeast infections, bad breath, mood swings, and plenty more besides. It isn’t pretty, folks!

The name of the game, then, is to bring your candida back under control — not to wipe it out entirely but diminish its numbers to the point where your body can keep it in check.

Research Suggestions

 Natural steps you can take to help with your candida overgrowth.

  1.  Greatly reduce Sugar consumption

Candida feeds off sugar and bad carbs. This means that the more sugar & carbs you eat, the greater your candida overgrowth can be. Gradually cutting off its sugar supply will hinder the overgrowth. Eventually, this will mean it needs to return to its allotted place in your gut.

But cutting out sugar is probably harder than you might think. Sure, declining the spoonful or two of sugar in your daily coffee is a step in the right direction, as is avoiding baked goods wherever possible… but sugar is hiding out in foods you would least suspect. Bread, for one, is high in complex carbohydrates that candida is very keen to feed off. Fruit, which is high in fructose, is another source of candida-friendly natural sugars that someone with an overgrowth would do best to avoid. Throw in sweetened drinks – sodas, processed foods, pasta, and you’ve got some serious dietary overhauling to do!

While we’re on the subject of food, make sure to include KePro, it has all the natural pre & probiotics you need to start winning the Candida battle. Start off with ¼ scoop for a few days then build up slowly to one scoop 3 to 4 times a week. Oh yes, it has whole organic coconut that really helps with Candida overgrowth together these two super foods make a powerhouse to help you win the battle and keep Candida in its place for life. Okay, now we have our KePro to help kill off Candida a few tips that are just good to know.

Candida isn’t going down without a fight; I mean a real fight. It’s going to send signals to your brain to eat more sugary foods and carbs and they are sneaky about it.  Keep an eye on your food cravings and when they hit, breathe deep and tell yourself, this too shall pass.

 KePro is here to help stop all this, it’s a war in my body

 and I am strong enough to hold out!!!

The cravings will pass within a week or two. Be strong!!

  1. Antibiotics

Probably one of the main reasons why you’ve got candida overgrowth in the first place is all those antibiotics your doctor put you on over the years. Antibiotics, I’m sad to say, aren’t selective in the way they wipe out bacteria — meaning they kill the good guys as well as the bad ones. And more often than not, bad guys like candida find ways to avoid being wiped out by antibiotics while the good guys get shot down in their millions.

This leaves plenty of free real estate for that power-hungry candida population to expand and begin taking over your gut. And with less beneficial microorganisms, your immune system becomes compromised and is less able to deal with the overgrowth.

  1. Invest in KePro and a healthier lifestyle of eating & exercise

The obvious next step after avoiding antibiotics is to try and repair some of the damage that was done by investing in the long-term use of good-quality probiotics. KePro with Pre & Probiotics, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and oils real fiber all work together to help to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria, help repair any damage to your natural biofilms thereby improve immune function and digestion, and in so doing help to keep Candida in check for life.

Ready to get started? buy now and you will be making healthy KePro smoothies in no time! Can’t think of a more delicious and fun way to fight and kick Candida to the curb once and for all.

You are worth it!!

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Until next time, KePro smoothie on!!

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