Why is your microbiome important?

Why is your microbiome important to your health? Hippocrates states: disease starts in the gut- death begins in the colon. Centuries ago people knew this to be true. Today we call it the microbiome. It helps our bodies do so much. Understanding how it works, what it takes part in, and how it can change […]

The problem with Candida

Under normal conditions, candida fulfills vital roles in our gut, mouth, and, in some cases, reproductive organs. A healthy candida population helps to promote nutrient absorption, protect the intestinal tract from infection and even regulate hormones. But when candida gets out of control, it can quickly turn into a big bad pathogen. When our immune system is […]

Living With IBS

Living with IBS? Anyone who has experienced Irritable Bowel Syndrome knows how horrible it can make you feel. Stops you from enjoying life with friends and family, trips, and vacations all become harder to enjoy and do. I more time worrying about whether can i make it to the bathroom. Not a good place to […]