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  Below are instructions

Recommendations & Servings Sizes

Start with 1/4 scoop, increasing in 3-5 days to slowly build up to 1 scoop per day.
We recommend starting adults out with ¼ scoop for 3-5 days. If no symptoms of discomfort develop, such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or flu like symptoms then proceed with increased amount.


¼ scoop - 5 days = 60 servings per bag  

½ scoop - 5 days = 40 servings per bag   

1 scoop  3-5 days = 20 servings per bag


1/8 scoop - 5 days = 120 servings

¼    scoop – 5 days = 60 servings

½    scoop – 5 days = 40 servings

***If you have a diagnosis such as IBS and or other major gut concerns/diagnosis, start on 1 teaspoon or less. See how you do.***

      By slowly introducing KePro into your daily diet, helps to prevent unwanted symptoms as your gut bacteria is balanced.

         KePro is made to be a very versatile all natural health supplement product to be used in fruit and or veggie smoothies, over yogurt, in overnight oats (NOT heated), chia pudding (NOT heated), no bake cookies or in protein granola bites. Any way you and your family enjoy it as long as it is kept refrigerated and not heated.

        Once you understand how KePro works in your body, you can adjust the amount of KePro in your favorite recipes that works best for you.

          Examples of how KePro can help:

          • Low calcium levels? – using a cup of milk/ yogurt to a KePro smoothie and one scoop in the morning and again one at night will help until calcium levels build up then can move to one scoop with one cup of milk/ yogurt. Adding acidic fruit helps to release the calcium in the pasteurized milk.
          • Dehydration? – add ½ cup to 1 cup coconut water to a KePro smoothie, and drink coconut water throughout the day. (Cut down on diuretic drinks, like soda, coffee, tea, energy drinks. Cut down on dry carbs, like cracks, chips, protein bars, bread, flat bread).


          • Diabetic? - No added sugar (no sugar substitutes) with no more than ½ cup fruit, if it is allowed in your diet plan by your doctor. Monitor your sugar levels as KePro can help balance sugar levels out.
          • (Note: Diabetic meds and KePro may cause sugar levels to go low.
          • Enzyme needs? - adding pineapple, mango and or papaya can help as they contain natural enzymes to help break down meat and other foods better.
          • Diarrhea? – Less fluids and more fruits like banana, yogurt or eat KePro dry from the bag.
          • Constipation? – add ½ to 1 cup coconut water to a KePro smoothie to help add more electrolytes and water to help get things moving faster. If constipation is still being experienced then add coconut water in place of water, until constipation is resolved.
          • Heart issues / low Potassium? – add more bananas to a KePro smoothie. Get off the salt and alcohol for changes to start. (alcohol and salt lower Potassium levels).
          • Ulcers?- Are caused by pathogenic bacteria that has overgrown its rightful place in the gut and is now out of control wreaking havoc on the stomach. KePro made to be thick everyday will help coat, protect and soothe while harmonizing gut bacteria and digestion in the stomach.
          • Weight Loss? – replace one meal with a KePro smoothie, adopt the 80/20 rule for more beneficial results. Also attend Food Cravings & Weight Loss class read Food Cravings & Weight Loss e book.
          • Weight gain? – Enjoy a KePro smoothie with a meal, or try just in the evenings after dinner.



          Fasting helps the body with processing food, eliminating of waste, allowing for more energy, higher energy levels. Feeling less fatigued, moody and so much more.

          Pick a twelve-hour window to eat all your meals for that day.

          Example: If you eat breakfast at 6:00AM eat no later than 6:00PM for dinner.

          *No snacking after your twelve-hour window. *


          Understanding nutritional needs can be more beneficial



          Calcium blocks iron uptake. Keep calcium and meat sources at least two hours apart.

          Spinach and kale block calcium absorption. It is best to keep spinach and kale out of calcium rich KePro smoothies and two hours apart.

          KePro supplies pre & probiotics and nutritional needs that most Americans lack in their diet. Getting these key two elements help to balance out bacteria that can lead to nutritional malabsorption in the gut, and much more - like leaky gut and bacteria overgrowth - (Candida which for many American women leads to female PMS issues.)

          Understand how bad carbs, starches and sugars (not including natural sugar) affect these bacteria imbalances and limit these foods for a healthy future and to help overcome current bacteria imbalances can make a big difference in your health and overall - feeling better. Implementing  the 80/20 rule can help decrease bacteria imbalances faster and have better results sooner.


          Goal is to harmonize gut bacteria and digestion with as few symptoms and faster results- healthier you happier you.