Is KePro organic?

One of our small local dairies is certified organic. Our other dairy is following all organic dairy practices but can't afford the organic certification at this time.

Why is KePro cold-shipped if it is freeze dried?

All freeze dried bacteria must stay at a cool temperature and moisture free to remain alive. Heat is a killer to most natural probiotic bacteria. While probiotic pills are chemically coated to keep out moisture, KePro has no added chemicals. Cold temperature ensures you are getting all the probiotics and nutrition in KePro at the maximum potential.

How should I take KePro?

Many people are not used to a living functional food in their body, we recommend starting out at 1/4 scoop of KePro. This small amount will help to repopulate and re-establish the good bacteria without causing any bloating, gas, or discomfort. Once your body is used to that amount, work up to one full scoop at least 3-5 times per week.

How long will a bag of KePro last?

Starting at the recommended dose of 1/4 scoop, one bag will last approximately two months. 

How long does it take to work?

It can take months to re-establish good bacteria in the body. Our habits of consuming antibiotics, eating unhealthy processed foods, and drinking alcohol disrupt our natural gut flora and lower our good bacteria. If you have an imbalance of good/bad bacteria to start with, it can take longer. Good habits in conjunction with KePro can help you build up your immune system over time for a healthier you. You are your habits.

Why do I need to keep taking KePro?

Good versus bad bacteria is an ongoing battle. Most of the foods we eat contain chemicals to protect us from pathogens in our food and to increase shelf life. These chemicals cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria; once you ingest these chemicals, it disrupts the balance of good and bad bacteria in your body. Maintenance is very important in building up and keeping your immune system healthy.


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