KePro Smoothies for mild to Severe Constipation

Want to know how to customize KePro smoothies for your constipation needs?

Today, we are focusing on a hard one for many people to achieve. First, we have to understand why we get constipated in the first place.

1) dehydrated to long - How does this happen? Even if you drink a lot of water you maybe missing the other elements in your diet.

2) They are - electrolytes, healthy oils, probiotics, real fiber and water - all of these elements in the right amount for you daily, is the secret.

3) That's where the smoothie part of KePro is important. KePro has all these elements, you add the liquid, fruit and or veggies to make a smoothie that is just right for you.

A KePro smoothie for constipation can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Start with one scoop KePro, add half cup fruit and your choice of liquid. For severe constipation, if a regular KePro smoothie isn't quite enough to have a healthy bowel movement regularly in the beginning of your KePro journey - try adding 1/2 cup coconut water to your KePro smoothie as you maybe lacking a lot of needed electrolytes. One to two scoops of KePro has plenty of coconut oil, fiber, probiotics and enough electrolytes. There are always exceptions.

Many of us are drinking coffee in the morning, sodas, energy drinks, lemon with water, some form of alcohol and all of these are diuretics -  you can get dehydrated more easily when consuming these regularly. The other factors  - are getting real fiber from our foods - can be hard and our bodies need real fiber. Getting enough healthy oils - in the American diet can be very hard. Getting enough active healthy probiotics is the other element we all need.

  KePro has all of these. Some may need a little more, some a little less, that's   the magic of KePro, use the right amount for your best results.

Take care of your body & your body will take care of you.

the KePro Team!

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