Did you know having a healthy gut helps with long term effects of C-19?

Did you know having a healthy gut helps to build a healthy Immune system?

A healthy Immune system helps to fight off Viruses, Pathogens, Gut issues and sickness.

Viruses that can cause so much damage to your body or even cause death!

There are a few special natural foods that can help do this. They work within your body to repopulate the good bacteria - that can keep your immune system working right.

Read this article just out from the Medical News Long term effect of C-19 and how a healthy gut builds a healthy immune system. Which then helps you fight off viruses & pathogens better. (Click on link below to read article)


Did you read the part close to the bottom where is clearly states.  "When the  bacteria in the gut can become unbalanced, which scientist refer to as dysbiosis can contribute to the development of health issues?"  Plus -

"Some bacteria in the gut help digest food and may also reduce the risk of developing certain diseases?"

" Associations between gut microbiota composition markers in patients with C-19 suggest that the gut microbiome is involved via modulating host immune responses."

 KePro - Naturally Harmonizing Gut Bacteria & Digestion


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