Commonly asked questions about KePro

Why isn’t it labeled organic? One of our small local dairies is certified organic, the other one is under the organic dairy and under organic practices but at this time can’t afford the organic certification. KePro is a licensed dairy plant and follows FDA and GA state rules and guidelines and has third party testing for pathogens and CFU counts (colony forming units, this means the bacteria can reproduce. One full serving can be 717billion which is higher than probiotic pills can do, without a prescription as the FDA only allows up to 430billion in pills. Natural foods have no limits.


Why are the bacteria not listed? Because the FDA does not allow it. Only commercially bought probiotics can be listed & only in the amounts added to the product. Our are all natural, cant list them, try KePro and you will know they are there.


What is KePro?  What can it do for me? It is a whole fermented food, with organic coconut that works in the body to supply needed symbiotic natural bacteria that re establishes proper gut flora to help break down food, ( this process helps the body pull nutrients from the food into the body with enzymes),  real fiber to bulk up the stool, healthy oils & fats the body needs for omega 3 & 6’s. Electrolyte’s to move water through the body and pull water into the colon to help stop constipation and in some case diarrhea.  Harmonizing gut bacteria & digestion with natural vitamins and minerals. There isn’t one single food on the market that can do all of this in one product.


Why is KePro cold shipped if it is freeze dried?  

 All freeze dried Bacteria must stay at a cool temperature and moisture free to remain alive. Probiotic pills are chemically coated to keep out moisture, temperature, which is still a killer to probiotic bacteria. KePro has no chemicals.  Cold temperature ensures you are getting all the probiotics and nutrition in KePro at the max potential.


How long does a bag last? We recommend starting out at ¼ scoop, this will last you about two months, as most people are not use to a living functional food in their body.

This small amount will start to kill off bad bacteria and re-establish good bacteria, without causing any bloating, gas, or discomfort while a battle is being fought in your gut. Once your body is use to that level work up to one scoop, 3 to 4 times a week.


 Why do I need to keep taking it? Bad vs good bacteria is an ongoing battle, most of the foods we eat contain chemicals to protect us from pathogens in our food and to increase shelf life. These chemicals cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria. Once you ingest these chemicals, they will kill off some good and bad bacteria in your body. Maintenance is very important in building up and keeping your immune system healthy.


 How long does it take to re-establish good bacteria in the body?

It can take months, as we are consistently doing things that disrupt our natural gut flora from antibiotics to many foods we eat. Habits like processed food and alcohol can lower our good bacteria every day.

If you have a bad imbalance of good bacteria to start with it can take longer, good habits with KePro can help you build up your immune system over time for a healthier you. You are your habits.


How is KePro better than probiotic pills? KePro, starts to work as soon as your drink it, protecting your mouth (fighting gum disease, tooth decay, in general keeping your mouth healthy) from harmful bacteria. KePro’s bacteria survives the entire body including stomach acid and survives into the colon.  Where much damage can be done by very powerful bad bacteria that can lead to IBS & Chrons disease.  


 What if I am lactose intolerant? KePro’s bacteria breaks down the lactose naturally in the fermentation process. KePro is naturally low in lactose.  


Milk proteins hurt my stomach or cause inflammation, will KePro? The fermentation process breaks down the proteins into pep tides.  The stomach pain and inflammation is caused by the bodies inability to break these proteins down due to lack of enzymes.


Does KePro contain yeast and mold?  Yes! Good yeast that fight off bad yeast. Candida is a problem for many women from rashes, food allergies and female problems. Not all molds are bad, these molds are found naturally in fermented foods. If you had a mold allergy, we recommend getting professional help before starting KePro.


Why is KePro sold through professionals? KePro is a tool that can be used to help, stop many different things and only professionally trained experts, know how to use to help people with real problems.


Do I have to use a professional to get KePro? No, you can do it on your own, professionals help with problems and can best instruct you to help you better. People taking KePro for a maintenance program can do it on their own. Start low and slowly build up.


 Can KePro cause running noses? Yes, KePro can cause running noses, and can make you feel like you have a cold, this is because of mass die off of bad bacteria in the body, which releases toxins as it dies, these toxins are called detox or die off. Starting KePro at very low levels will help keep this to a minimum.


Can KePro help build up my immune system? KePro has a natural bacteria consortium, that work in a symbolic relationship, like a well-organized army. Nature knows best is a true statement, these bacteria are the most studies and well documented of all probiotic bacteria with the most benefits to the human body.


I don’t like the taste of Kefir, does KePro taste like kefir? KePro is designed to make a smoothie with added fruit and vegetables for you to create your prefect smoothie. It can be thick or thin, your choice of liquid. Most people find KePro to have a very clean and light yogurt like flavor, without the chemicals or added sugar.


Can diabetic’s do KePro? KePro is low in lactose and sugar.


Can I add other things to KePro smoothie like protein powder? Yes, add anything you like.  We have found that adding any product that contains chemicals will give your KePro smoothie an off taste as KePro has no chemical in it. We do recommend not adding kale or spinach as they contain chelates that block the absorption of calcium.


What liquid do most people add? Many use plant-based milks, real milk or coconut water. It’s really up to you. The new thing is called KePro shots for those starting out on small amounts. I call these people brave at heart.


If I don’t do smoothies how can I take KePro?

Many people put KePro in overnight oatmeal bowls, sprinkle it in other foods. Some eat it right out of the bag.

Can KePro be heated? NO! Heating KePro kills the bacteria and depletes some of the nutrients.

What kind of milk is KePro made with? Jersey cow milk, it is A two gene, the proteins are easier to digest that A one gene milk proteins.

Most people have no problem with healthy Jersey cow milk.

Why are the carbs and fats so high in KePro? KePro uses whole milk (research has now proven whole milk is healthier) and real organic whole coconut. Coconut oil is high in many healthy carbs and fats these are the good oils and fats most people know they should take daily yet it is not in the American diet. 


My stomach hurts can KePro stop it from hurting? KePro has strong

probiotics that may help, KePro may help coat and sooth the stomach.


How is KePro better for Osteoporosis that regular milk or calcium supplements? KePro has more nutrients and minerals needed to help intake and properly use calcium. K2, & D vitamins, plus the fermentation process breaks down the food to help your body to absorb it better.

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