Atlanta's Top Pilates Instructor - Whitney's advise how to determine if a food should be elimated from your diet

Aspire by Whitney: With so many diets out there right now (and conflicting research)...Bulletproof, Carnivore, Keto, Paleo, Lion, Vegan, Vegetarian, Atkins...and the list goes on...oh my gosh... It's hard to know what to eat. For me, I've decided to eat based on how I feel and what my body needs. I do gut tests, hair mineral analysis, and blood testing. If you're not into testing, I would suggest starting a DAILY - DETAILED food journal. (I know this part sucks, BUT the more detail, the closer you are to uncovering the answers you seek). This will help you eliminate the foods that cause negative side effects and eat more of the foods that make you feel your best. I want to feel my best and be THE BEST VERSION OF ME EVERY DAY! I've also added this whole food smoothie base - KePro, to my routine and I am feeling great! Adding digestive support to balance the bacteria in your gut will not only digest your food, but will help you feel your best.

Pre & Probiotics

B vitamins

Fiber = weight loss

Electrolytes (including Calcium)

Healthy Fats

Happy Eating!!!

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